In constant evolution and following the recent acquisition of one North America’s largest veneer and tropical lumber manufacturer and distributor, WILLIAMBOSC offers a an unrivalled selection of the most coveted architectural wood veneers, tropical lumber and specialties.

Focusing on the culture of craftsmanship, our exclusive luxury wood flooring collections are authentic and unique art pieces combining wide widths, exceptional quality, relevant finishes, textures and profiles.

We consider protecting the environment a critical issue of our time. We take responsible forest management seriously and are committed to sourcing and offering products in accordance with the various standards of the Program for the Endorsement of Forestry (PEFC), the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Convention of International Trade of Endangered Species (CITES)


Passionate about wood, WILLIAMBOSC is committed to providing exceptional and unique wood products. Through unparalleled sourcing of sustainable lumber and veneer, global qualified contacts and decades of expertise, we offer an unrivalled support throughout any requests or design process.

We work with architects, designers, architectural millwork, specialty retailers, real estate developers, manufacturers, hobbyists and artists. We propose a tailored approach and progressive solutions with an uncompromising attention to details and the highest standard of service.

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